The Designer

Born in the Beautiful Island of Barbados,  I have been designing and making my own clothing since the age of fifteen.  I see designing as both a celebration  and a playful hobby inspired by all I see around me.  It is always spontaneous and forever constant.  Fashion is first and foremost a question of personal style, harmony and design.  My designs reflect a true ode to femininity and a passion for style which has always reflected my mood and personality and my desire not to blend or conform.

Walking the streets of Manhattan one day, while waiting to cross the street, I noticed a young lady on the other side wearing the exact same "retail" dress I was wearing, this solidified my vision of offering pieces not manufactured in large quantities thereby avoiding incidents such as these. 

After many years of making everything from bridal  to resort wear, two years ago I revisited my vision and passion which is reflected in my kaftans which are now trending.  Nandra Designs encapsulates easy, breezy, comfortable, sexy and sophisticated chic.  All my kaftan pieces can be worn casually or dressed up for a more chic look.